The Aegis Journal series of financial books written by L. Burke Files. L. Burke Files has over 25 years experience in finance, 5 in the securities industry, and 20 as an international financial investigator in over 30 countries.  If a fraud or a scheme has been pulled, rest assured Burke has probably seen it at least once before.

L. Burke Files is available for book signing, radio interviews, and keynote speaking. He can be contacted at: 480-838-1728 or at


Due Diligence For The Financial Professional

An entertaining and hands on guide to the Due Diligence Process! This book covers the traditional concepts such as Background Checks, Financial Investigations, and Money Laundering, and includes 7 comprehensive lists and questionnaires, as well as new areas including Transparency, Heuristics and Biases, Intellectual Property and Critical Information, Asset Recovery and the Future of Fraud.

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Money & Budgets

Money & Budgets is your roadmap to financial freedom. This is a book about money, credit, and debt.  It will focus on our personal relationship to money, how we get ourselves in trouble, and what we can do to change the ways we think about money. It is an absolute must read for anyone concerned with their financial future which is hopefully everyone. Financial Freedom is not about how much money you make, but how you manage it.

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Divorce – Money Matters

We all hope that marriages will last, and that this publication will forever be just a curiosity. We are also adults, who live in the real world, and recognize that divorces do occur. If you and your husband agree to a divorce, agree to a property settlement and agree to all custody and support issues — this book is not for you. It’s for the other 99%.

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How To Start & Maintain A Profitable Yoga Business

Anyone who has started a yoga business knows there is much more to being successful than being really good at Yoga. In fact Yoga really comes second to the business side. How To Start & Maintain A Profitable Yoga Business is a practical step-by-step guide from concept to completion and beyond. The book covers topics from purpose, facilities and branding to business structure, business plan, accounting considerations and operations.

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