Can Your Cardio Workout Boost Your Brain Power? You Bet!

Can Your Cardio Workout Boost Your Brain Power? You Bet!

By Gail Kasper

Everyone knows that exercising is good for your body. But can exercise actually make you smarter? It absolutely  can! When you think about it, this makes sense. A good cardio workout gets your heart pumping and your blood flowing. Increased circulation means more oxygen to your brain, resulting in a boost in brain power.

An April 2012 article in Men’s Health noted that, according to research, working out before engaging in a mentally challenging task – like taking a test – results in increased brain activity, particularly in the areas of memory and attention. And the effects are seen immediately. A good cardio workout improves your ability to process information right after you exercise.

At about the same time, The New York Times published an article stating that exercising encourages the creation of new brain cells. The article also reported that a study done on mice shows that those who exercised regularly on a running wheel over several months had improved brainpower compared to the mice who did not exercise.

These articles indicate that cardio workouts yield immediate and long-term benefits for your brain. Use this information to your advantage. Establish a regular exercise routine to help your mind stay focused and alert.

In addition, schedule an invigorating workout right before tackling a mental challenge such as writing a speech or learning something new related to your job. Exercise will help you approach the task with a finely tuned, sharp mind. It’s a quick and fun way to grow smarter!


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By Gail Kasper, television host of Raw Reality, author, and motivational speaker / /


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