Gail Kasper – Burn Calories At Your Desk

Gail Kasper – Burn Calories At Your Desk

Stuck at your desk with no-where to go? Wish you could sneak in a mini workout and burn a few extra calories? Guess what? You can! Here’s how:

1.         Use Hand Weights. Invest in a pair of hand weights, five pounds each, and keep them handy at your desk. Periodically lift these weights straight up in the air or straight out to the sides for five minutes at a time. Vary it up with this alternative: with your elbows bent and weights at shoulder level push your arms up to the sky, one at a time. Do these exercises while reading emails or watching a training video.

2.         Tap Your Feet. According to, you can burn up to a whopping 350 calories a day through foot tapping and other forms of fidgeting. So don’t hold back – tap your feet while you sit at your desk. Place a mat or cushion underneath so that the tapping doesn’t disturb your co-workers. Finger tapping works, too. Other forms of fidgeting will also burn calories. The important part is to stay active while you sit!

3.         Stand Up. More and more people are discovering the benefits of standing at their desks instead of sitting. Push your chair away and raise your keyboard and computer screen to a comfortable level. You may want to invest in a standing desk, or ask your boss to make the expenditure. Spending a good portion of your workday standing instead of sitting will burn more calories and keep you trimmer. At the very least, stand up while using the phone.

4.         Squeeze A Stress Ball. Doing this will not only relieve stress, it will also strengthen your hand and arm muscles, and you will burn calories effortlessly.

5.         Do Yoga Stretches. Stretching keeps you limber, preventing your muscles and joints from stiffening. And yes, it’s a great way to get rid of calories. Try standard yoga stretches, or make up your own. It’s all good!

Exercising at your desk helps keep your body fit and your brain sharp. Read my article to learn more about boosting your brainpower through physical activity.




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