Date: 19th–25th August 2013
Venue: Fiesta Resort Conference Center
2100 South Priest Dr • Tempe • Arizona 85282
+1 480-967-1441

Hotel web site: http://www.fiestaresortcc.com/

This is the only IBA HQ course planned in the USA this year.

The International Bodyguard Skills course prepares individuals to work as part of a bodyguard team or provide one-on-one protection to a principal. The course is comprehensive and is an entry point for full membership to the prestigious International Bodyguard Association (IBA). The course will be taught by the Director General of the IBA, the organization’s chief technical officer.

The course also serves as a refresher for those trained in Executive Protection, Close Protection and PSD skills. This course has been successfully delivered under contract to US Army Special Forces, State Governors’ details, and corporations such as Microsoft HQ, State Street Bank, Banco Popular, Amazon, and Gates Foundation.

The International Bodyguard Skills course modules include:

  • History & Role of the Bodyguard
  • Structure of the Bodyguard Team
  • Function of the Bodyguard Team
  • Assassination & Kidnap (history)
  • Threat Management
  • Security Advance Party
  • Residence Security
  • Protective Escort
  • Mounting & Dismounting Vehicle
  • Protective Driving
  • Communication
  • Search for Electronic Surveillance
  • Search for Explosive Devices
  • Conflict Management
  • Defense & Restraint Tactics
  • Bodyguard Medic
  • Ballistic Injury Management

Cost: US $1200 (or special price of US $999 if paid by July 19).

Includes 1 year IBA Membership
ID Wallet and International Badge

Accommodation is not included, but a special IBA discounted hotel rate at Fiesta Resort of US $89 per day and includes breakfast and complimentary transportation to and from airport.