Water ALL The Benefits

Water ALL The Benefits

Gail Kasper is an Author and Television Host

Is there anything more refreshing and satisfying than water? Drinking a tall glass of cool, clear water is good for the body, mind and soul. But water is much more than the ultimate thirst-quencher. This zero-calorie liquid nourishment offers you a multitude of health benefits and keeps you fit and strong for even your most intense exercise workouts.

Benefits For Health

You’ve probably heard that it’s necessary to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day, what is often referred to as the 8-by-8 rule. According to the Mayo Clinic, this is the minimum quantity of liquids a person should consume daily. A man needs about 13 cups; a woman needs approximately 9 cups. These are guidelines, though. Actual requirements depend on a variety of factors, including your climate, activity level, and health status. The most basic requirement is this: Drink plenty to stay hydrated and keep your body working in optimum condition.

The water you drink does so much for your body including:

Transporting nutrients to your cells
Flushing toxins out of organs
Regulating body temperature
Keeping your eyes, nose and throat moist
Lubricating joints
Facilitating biochemical interactions
Assisting the digestive process
Keeping the kidneys healthy
Maintaining good circulation
Keeping muscles healthy and energized
Benefits For Workouts

Make sure you don’t overlook the value of water before, during and after your workouts. Skip the water and you’ll suffer the negative effects of dehydration. If you try to work out without enough water in your system, your muscles will be less flexible, your joints may stiffen, and you risk overheating, to name a few of the problems you may encounter.

To enjoy the greatest benefit from your workout, drink enough water. Listen to your body’s cues and keep hydrated. With a good supply of water, you’ll enjoy these benefits during your workout:

Higher energy levels
Greater flexibility
Stronger muscles
Much less likelihood of getting muscle cramps
Greater endurance for a longer, more rewarding exercise session




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